Research & Development :

At Spiro Hoses India Pvt. Ltd. we always strive to offer premium quality products using an innovative R&D approach. Our team of highly qualified, experienced rubber technologists and design engineers work hard to develop hoses in alignment with stringent quality norms as per desired application, without losing sight of competitive and commercial viability. The high professional standards of Spiro Hoses’ technologists and engineers provide them the leverage needed to meet customer requirements in a competitive demanding market.


Quality Control :

As a new generation hose manufacturer, Spiro Hoses India Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with high end machineries which boast trendsetting technology. Our experienced technical team has skills to put us well ahead of the competition. Our QC department approves hoses after successful completion of hose tests specified in SAE and DIN standards, namely,

a. Impulse Test,
b. Adhesion Test,
c. Change in Length Test,
d. Ozone Test,
e. Cold Flexibility Test -65 degrees C,
f. Abrasion Resistant Test on hose,
g. Burst Pressure Test,
h. Conductivity and Electrical Continuity Test,
i. Salt Spray on Assemblies,
j. Tensile strength and elongation,
k. Ageing Test in oven and furnace,
l. Swell Test in all kinds of ASTM and other oils,
m. Flame Test,
n. Bend Radii Test.All the tests are recorded with data logger, with the results saved in soft copy.

Production :

Our production processes are designed to offer high quality products at competitive prices. To do so, our production floor is equipped with latest high-speed wire and yarn braiders and winders — OMA (Italy) and Mayer (USA). Also, the cold feed extrusion line Banburry from Alfred Herbert (USA) mixing facility ensures maximum production with minimum rejection, and quality batching of compound. As we have set up our own mandrel manufacturing facility in-house, it ensures uninterrupted availability of mandrels for timely production/execution of orders of any fixed length as required by customers.


Stores :

The storage of raw materials (RM) and finished goods (FG) plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and performance of final products. Any carelessness in storing either could seriously compromise the quality of the products. Hence, they are stored in a controlled environment with dust free conditions to prevent contamination in rubber compound. At Spiro Hoses, we always ensure proper storage of RM and FG under the guidelines of strict storage norms as per MSDS, with issuance and usage based on FIFO after due testing at R&D lab for:

a. Melting Point
b. Specific Gravity
c. Loss on ignition
d. Moisture content
e. Volatile matter
f. Purity
g. Titration
h. Iodine number
i. DBP absorption
j. Carbon Disulphide Soluble
k. Aniline and pour point
l. Extractable matter
m. Mooney Viscosity: for raw polymers
n. MDR: Rheometrics for compounds
o. Compression Set for compound
p. Modulus for compound
q. Shore A for compound …
and others as per requirement of customers.