Hydraulic Hose

Whether you are in the food processing industry, the petrochemical industry, the construction industry, or the chemical industry; you will need a hydraulic hose to convey the varied fluids from milk to sauces; slurries to plain water without coming apart, or bursting midway. We also understand the value of it keeping the materials free of all contaminants, especially when supplying water in railway coaches. We design our hydraulic hoses to be rugged and be able to withstand high pressures, both inside and outside the hose, whether they are biodegradable hydraulic fluids, water-glycol based fluids, or lubricating oil. The materials used for their construction are reinforced with two braids of high-tensile steel wire.

When you use a Spiro hydraulic hose, you know that it is both abrasion and ozone resistant ensuring their longevity. When you order from us, we will check what is the kind of temperature it needs to operate in; the external and inside diameters required; what materials you expect to transport via it; as well as the kind of endings your hydraulic hose requires. The safety of the end-users and the workers is one of our prime concerns.