Automotive Hose

Every car uses different kinds of automotive hoses which are designed to absorb damages caused by vibrations, even jerks, while on the road. So, if you are an automobile manufacturer, you need to check out our air brake hose, especially the hardiness we introduce during the manufacturing process to prevent failures or at least fail-safe. You would need an automotive hose made of expandable rubber compounds to ensure that it expands as the temperature increases. We understand that different applications have diverse requirements, and adapt the design and construction of hoses accordingly.

Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we adopt the most innovative techniques to manufacture every automotive hose, including those used in the air brakes of locomotives. These hoses are available in a range of inner and outer diameters. We take care to ensure that every automotive hose can be bent without bursting, as they are designed to burst at twice the maximum pressure they are expected to encounter during daily operations.