Products and Solutions - Spiro Hoses

Heavy Earth Moving Machinery

In earthmoving equipment, it is vital that the hoses be sturdy enough to cope with loads of coolants and exhaust. Since they are largely used at construction sites, Spiro Hoses are designed to not crack or blow holes. It is an issue of worker safety as well as the safety of all present at the site.

Products and Solutions - Spiro Hoses


Spiro Hoses are designed to withstand high heat and mechanical stress which are normal in mining. The quality is rigorously tested to ensure that no miner’s life or limb are jeopardized by ensuring that they are fire resistant. They are abrasion and ozone resistant too.

Products and Solutions - Spiro Hoses


Our hoses are designed to remain functional in very high temperature variations, and survive significant wear and tear. Since the trains of the Indian Railways travel to different parts of the country,The biggest use is to fill the water tanks of the coaches of passenger trains.

Products and Solutions - Spiro Hoses

Gas & Oil

Hoses which are used for gas supply and in oil rigs need to have high quality inner tube and appropriate lining. Spiro hoses are used to transport petroleum crude from the oil rig to the refinery, and move various finished products like petrol, diesel, and kerosene to distribution channels from there.

Products and Solutions - Spiro Hoses


Spiro hoses are especially useful as it requires rugged hoses for coolant circuits of induction. They are also used to encase electric wiring within the plant. Further, sturdy hoses are required for carrying effluents and other waste material away from the plant.

Products and Solutions - Spiro Hoses


Spiro Hoses used in the cement industry are notable for their durability as they are resistant to chemicals and corrosive materials. They are used for transporting dry cement to the packaging area, and in self dumping hoppers. Most importantly, they have critical usage in cleaning and blasting.